Provide 24/7 Power Generation and Operators

We provide qualified personnel, familiar with all the required services and tasks associated with operations and routine preventative maintenance of the generators, and who can operate the switch equipment controlling support-power systems.

  • Operate and perform routine operational requirements on the generators area.
  • Monitor and control the generator output to match the phase, frequency, and voltage of electricity required to supply the electrical panels.
  • Monitor and inspect the generator equipment’s visual readouts, and preventative maintenance indicators, to detect evidence of operating problems.
  • Personnel will assist in diesel refueling operations as required.
  • Personnel will maintain a log of all tasks performed and provide information records.
  • Personnel will maintain a log of generator run-time to include start and stop date/time entries.
  • Personnel will maintain an orderly work area and clean any fluid spills as necessary.
  • Personnel will ensure generators are reasonably clean at all times, to include, but not limited to oil and grease on surfaces.
  • Personnel must allow the area to be accessible at all times.