Indoor and Outdoor Constructions

We take care of all kind of constructions, Renovations and maintenance of indoor and outdoor projects for both residential and commercial clients, materials that include Plaster, Paint, Gypsum board works, electric work, Tiles, Doors and windows of halls, rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, concrete walls ..etc.

We provide professional masonry repairs with our expert plumbers high qualified to handle any project including but not limited to:
 Repair the Cracked , Loose and Spalled units , Hairline cracks, Deteriorated mortar joints , Missing or clogged weeps, Deteriorated/torn sealants , Out-of-plumb , Efflorescence , Stains , Water penetration .
 Repair, maintain and alter buildings, retaining walls and other brick or stone edifices .
 Performs finish concrete work, installs concrete reinforcing steel, places concrete, mixes mortar, pargets block or brick work .  construct block and/or brick catch basins, drops inlets, retaining walls, support structures, etc  Install and build the tiles flooring , tiles wall , vinyl flooring .  cement work  painting
 Plasters ceilings and/or walls .  Carpeting