Energy Solution

As well Alrafdain engineering services  race high technology searching always to surprise its customers with the best from the modernist products ,we represent solar panel available in customer’s hands. 

➖We provide Solar system has intelligently produced staff to obey customer’s needs, besides Solar Home System in Yemen which has all international tests. 

.➖we have a strong professional team of PV solar designengineers and installers for our designs and installations. We are a resource to major solar installers, electrical and roofing contractors for both residential and commercial projects. We provide our customers with the best services and products .

➖Install solar array on roof tops or suitable location. Install inverters, charge controllers, hybrid inverters, battery bank and all electrics. Install all AC and DC safeties. Installation comply with SANS electrical regulations. Test and commission, client training, handover the complete installation and technical manuals

➖Alrafidain engineering services provide and install Pumps powered by solar. Our Pumps manufactures international standard pumps for a wide usage spectrum; be it domestic, agricultural, industrial, waste water or temperature control.

Manufactured using the best quality raw materials and the latest technology, each and every Pump is a result of our relentless research and our product policy of making the most efficient, high performance and energy saving pumps.